XDB-F764X Mattress Comprehensive Tester

XDB-F764X Mattress Comprehensive Tester
XDB-F764X Mattress Comprehensive Tester
  • Model: XDB-F764X
    Product Name: Mattress Comprehensive Tester
    Application: Mattress
    Place of origin: Guangdong,China(mainland)
    Certificates: ISO9001:2000
    Minimum Order: 1 Set
    Price Term: FOB, C&F, CIF (optional)
    Payment Terms: L/C T/T
    Packaging Details: Film Packing/Wooden Case
    Delivery: 7~15 working days
  • XDB-F764X Mattress Comprehensive Tester
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XDB-F764X Mattress Comprehensive Tester

XDB-F764X Mattress Comprehensive Tester

Product Description:

The mattress comprehensive tester is a comprehensive mattress multi-function testing equipment, which can test the mattress stably, test the hardness of the mattress, and meet the international standards such as ASTM F 1566

Technical characteristics:

1) Durability test
Adjust the rolling stroke according to different mattresses (adjust the position of the limit switch)
The guide plate with low friction coefficient ensures the full weight of the roller on the mattress.
LCD touch screen display is easy to control and set.
Test standard: ASTM F 1566, EN 1957
Mattress durability test application and test purpose:
The mattress durability tester uses horizontal hexagonal wooden rollers or cylinders
(250mm in diameter at both ends and 300mm in the middle) roll back and forth on the mattress to simulate human movement to evaluate the durability of the mattress.
The manufacture of the mattress durability tester can determine the durability of any type of mattress and spring box unit by simulating long-term use conditions, regardless of the structural material. It consists of a weighted roller that moves laterally on the test mattress to simulate the movement of the human body. By sliding the stroke adjuster to the left or right, the stroke length of the roller movement can be easily adjusted to suit the relevant mattress under test. Through the motor-driven lifting assembly, the roller can be easily installed on or removed from the test mattress.
2)EN hardness and height change test
Test standard: ASTM F 1566, EN 1957
Mattress hardness and height change test application and test purpose:
The testing machine combines the loading equipment (roll) with the hardness measuring equipment. Therefore, the hardness test can be performed according to ASTM F 1566 or EN 1957 without rearranging the sample, because the rearrangement of the sample will distort the measured value. It can also display height changes through a servo measuring system.
Simply loosen the steel bars of the front frame to insert the sample into the flexible test substrate. This makes the test equipment very effective and space-saving.
The software allows flexible parameter input, execution of different test procedures, graphical representation of measured values, test evaluation and recording. Then the preset number of cycles is reached, and the test will end automatically.
3) Edge test
Test standard: EN1725
Edge test application and test purpose:
The machine adds a mattress fatigue test function, which can simulate the human body sitting on the edge of the mattress and perform 5000 cycles of fatigue test on the mattress according to EN175 with a force of 1000N.

Technical Specification:

Model XDB-F764X
Durability test
Hexagonal wooden barrel (ASTM F 1566) 109kg, length 915±75 mm
Cylindrical barrel (EN1957) 140kg, length 1000mm
Maximum mattress size 2200m×2000m×400mm
Test speed 0-20 r/min
way to control PLC
size 2900mm×2700mm×1800mm
power AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz, 3 stages
Durability test
Load block Diameter 355 mm, spherical curvature radius 800 mm, leading edge curvature radius 20 mm
speed 90mm/min
stroke 350mm
Drive way SMC brand electric cylinder
Load cell 200kg (German brand tecsis)
Position adjustment of pressure plate 300mm
Altitude change test
testing method High-precision servo measuring system
Edge test
Test force 1000N
Drive way cylinder
Times 5000 cycles
Hold time 3 seconds


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