Stenburg's July summary and August start-up meeting


In July, we harvested the fruits of success. At the same time, we also laid a firm foundation for August and continued to work hard. Guangzhou Xidengbao Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd. was full of hope and greeted the challenge of August.   

In August, a special day was ushered in. On this day, our staff of spanish-speaking market area started her first order in Stenburg. We bring our best wishes to this lucky girl and hope that she will have a smooth road in the future, gain more customers' trust and recognition, and win more orders.


The once-in-a-month summary and start-up meeting of Stenburg, reviewing the bits and pieces of July, the goals we set, will finally achieve rewards and punishments for ourselves in August. Thanks to hard work of Stenburg family, thanks for the positive energy that you have come to, because of your constant efforts, Stenbrug can go further and further on the road of the mattress machinery industry.


In this passionate August, we also celebrated the birthday of our senior technician Mr.Jiang. On this day, we sent the best wishes to him.We hope that with our continuous efforts, we will provide our best mattress equipment for every mattress manufacturer and make our mattress machines used in every mattress production plant in the world.


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