Simmons mattress edge machine shipped overseas

27, July 2019 Stenburg is very grateful to overseas customers for their trust and recognition of our company. Today we load the Simmons mattress edge machine ordered by the foreign customer. In order to enable the customer to receive the equipment as soon as possible, our production department colleagues are working hard and raining the machine. Thanks to our production team’s hard work, they serve our customers in this bad weather, and try all the best to load the container safely.

   Simmons mattress tape edge machine adopts advanced Singer 300U chain stitch sewing head, which can automatically lift and lower during the production process, manually adjust the head tilt angle, the finished sewing thread is straight, uniform and beautiful, and the operation is stable, the vibration is low, and the noise is small. It is a must-have equipment for high-end mattress processing plants.

   Our Stenburg mattress machine will solve any problems in the operation of Simmons mattress tape edge machine for customers, thank you for your support! wish you have a good business.


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