Pocket Spring Machine Manufacturer

09, May 2019 Stenburg is a manufacturer of pocket spring machines. We combine high-performance, high-efficiency, high-stability models developed with years of experience in the manufacture of pocket springs. It can produce all in one working cycle process. It is the best option of automatic equipment for making pocket spring mattress and sofa cushion.

manufacturer of pocket spring machines   

Stenburg pocket spring machine is human-oriented, with modular design, simple operation and debugging, and more convenient maintenance. Our technical engineer svisit oversea customer's factory to solve all after-sales problems for the customers and teach the operator to make pocket spring mattresses within 2 days. it has won the appreciation and recognition of customers.

manufacturer of pocket spring machines   

If you are looking for a pocket spring machine manufacturer, please consult Stenburg mattress machinery. We have a skillful technical team, a professional pre-sales and after-sales team, and provide you with a complete set of mattress production solutions, ready to serve you.

manufacturer of pocket spring machines


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