Mattress machines create more value for you - the Stenburg Mattress Machinery

Are you frequently troubled by the supplier problem of mattress machinery? Is production stopped due to mechanical failure? Is it necessary to reduce the production speed because of the low machine output?

Mattress machinery

Mattress equipment is highly automated, easy to operate, and saves labor costs. One person can operate multiple machines and greatly increase the output of the mattress factory. When the machine is faulty, there will be an alarm device and the fault location will be displayed. The machine will automatically reset and automatically return to the fault position.

Mattress machinery

The labor cost is increasing. The traditional mattress processing equipment is not automatic and the operability is not high, which makes it difficult for skilled workers to fill the vacant positions when the personnel flow. The customer found our feedback and sought solutions. After introducing our machine performance and showing the machine running process, the customer praised our machine and returned to us two days after returning to the company. Advance payment for the machine.


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