Congratulations to Engineer Hekai Gain the First Honda Limousine

21, February 2019

The year 2018 has been the old one, with a new beginning in 2019. Hard efforts will be harvest in the new beginning. The entire staff have witnessed this wonderful moment in the time of the great moment, that engineer Hekai Get the first Honda Limousine.

He kai is a senior engineer of Stenburg team, with spirit of cautious ,conscientious, dedicated and keep improving in work. Engineer is the ideal pragmatism, is practical idealists. Both the idealistic pursuit of perfection, and follow the principles of utility. The scientific practitioner is the builder of dreams to create more social values for happiness. Guangzhou Stenburg Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd. implements human-based management. With the care and encouragement from the leaders of Stenburg, the employees of the team of Stenburg can better exert themselves, highlight themselves and lead the development of Stenburg in a prosperous way!


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